The Traveler And The Innkeeper

Author: Fāḍil ʻAzzāwī
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9774164628
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The plot of this novel, which was written in Iraq in 1976 and published in Arabic in Germany in 1989, is further complicated by street protests in Baghdad following the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War of June 1967.

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John E. H. Sherry
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801425080
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3:4 Definition of "Traveler" The public duty of the innkeeper is owed to travelers
only, and one who is not a traveler cannot demand, as a matter of law, to be
received at an inn. The rule laid down almost 400 years ago was that "common
inns are instituted for passengers and wayfaring men . . . [a]nd therefore if a
neighbour who is no traveller, as a friend, at the request of the innholder lodges
there and his goods be stolen, etc. he shall not have an action. . . . "7 In early
times, the courts ...

The Student S Law Dictionary

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An innkeeper is said to be compilable by the Constable of the Town or Dr { vision
to receive and entertain a : Traveller as his Guest, whether he keeps any Sign or
not, provided the Innkeeper make it his common Business to entertain Travellers.
An Innkeeper is indictable and finable for harbouring of Thieves or Persons of a
scandalous Character, or for suffering Disorders in his House, or for setting up a
new Inn, where there is no Need of one, to the Hindrance of well governed Inns ...

Traveler Of The Century

Author: Andrés Neuman
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466816155
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Afterwards, he had gone downstairs to reception and announced to the
innkeeper: My dear Herr Zeit, I should like to speak to you for a moment about
business. Following twenty minutes of calculation, recalculation, mutual haggling
and theatrical protestations from the innkeeper, Hans had succeeded in reaching
a new agreement for the monthly price of his lodgings plus one meal a day. (Two
? Out of the question! Impossible! Do you have any idea, Herr Hans, how much
the price of ...

The Eccentric Traveller

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“A newspaper "cried the innkeeper, “I get two papers every day; but I never have
the use of one of them for half a second.” “How can that be P” inquired James,
who was always trying to discover something new. “I'll tell you why,” said the
landlord;- “my Madrid paper, which should arrive daily, is frequently picked out of
the case and lost, or it is read by all the clerks in the post-office, while another, a
week old, is sent instead of it; and, when it does arrive, and I begin to look at it, in
comes ...

Cases And Materials On The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John Harold Sherry
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public The fundamental duty of the innkeeper to the public, as a person engaged
in a public employment, is to receive for entertainment in his inn all travelers who
properly apply to be admitted as guests. This duty is not absolute; but subject to
lawful excuses, it binds every keeper of a common inn from the time he opens his
doors to the public. The public duty of the innkeeper is owed to travellers only,
and no ...


Author: Wendy Bracewell
Publisher: Central European University Press
ISBN: 9789639776104
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... a prolific Serbian travel writer, Ljubomir Nenadovic (1826-1895). His anecdote
from a journey though central Serbia provides a pretext for considering the
relationship between 'Serbian', 'German' and 'European' — as well as hinting at
way that the westernization of local elites opened up social fractures (and
opportunities for practical jokes). We came to Jagodina just before evening and
put up in an inn. The inn was full of tradesmen and other travellers. The
innkeeper set a table for ...

A Practical Exposition Of The Law

Author: William Dickinson
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Innkeepers obliged to receive Guests. Innkeepers are forbidden by law to reject
guests who come to their inns, and are also bound to protect their property while
there; and as they have no option to refuse to receive guests, so neither can they
impose unreasonable terms on them, Kirkman. v. Shawcross. 6 T. R. 17. - And
inns being intended for the lodging and receipt of travellers may be suppressed,
and the innkeepers indicted and fined, if they refuse to entertain a traveller
without a ...

The Time Traveller S Guide To Elizabethan England

Author: Ian Mortimer
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1409029565
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Travellers can't expect cheap accommodation at a monastery any more:
hospitality is no longer a matter of charity. No doubt the idea still exists in some
remote places, but too many people are now on the road ... A boy will unsaddle
your horse and take it through to the stables at the rear of the property, and an
ostler will take your bags and lead you to the innkeeper so that you may be '
appointed a chamber'. Entering a chamber in a good-quality establishment, you
will find at least one ...