The War Of 1812

Author: Gilbert Auchinleck
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... and 1814 Gilbert Auchinleck. One can scarcely wonder at the mistakes into
which the too credulous citizens of the Union were led, when the systematic lying
of the Government is taken into consideration. The following morceaux will show
whether we have affixed too harsh a term to the tissue of misrepresentation that
was so sedulously woven round the inhabitants of the Union. They are taken from
the principal source of the fictions — The Government Organ. " The Lady of the
Lake, ...

The War Of 1812 The Real Facts

Publisher: Bob Townsend
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... no longer visible because shattered on the strand, or because with sails
lowered and topmast housed, they were riding out the gale at anchor in the
breakers, he miles to the leeward of him, at the fading end of a late September
afternoon. To make out details at a league's distance was impossible, as he went
storming back to Niagara. The days following the Burlington Races had been
sullen, windless, and smooth except for the groundswell of the broken gale. The
Lady of the Lake ...

The Life Of Sir Walter Scott Vol 2 1804 1812

Author: John Gibson Lockhart
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
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As this friend happened to dine with me at Ashestiel one day, I took the
opportunity of reading to him the first canto of the Lady of the Lake, in order to
ascertain the effect the poem was likely to produce upon a person who was but
too favourable a representative of readers at large. His reception of my recitation,
or prelection, was rather singular. He placed his hand across his brow, and
listened with great attention through the whole account of the staghunt, till the
dogs throw themselves ...

The Lady Of The Lake

Author: Walter Scott
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... Lady of the Lake," which was so eminently successfu], and that of " Rokeby," in
1813, three years had intervened. I shall not, I believe, be accused of ever having
attempted to usurp a superiority over many men of genius, my contemporaries;
but, in point of popularity, not of actual talent, the caprice of the public had
certainly given me such a temporary superio- 1 l Sir Waller Scott commenced the
composition of Rokeby at Abbotsford□, on the 1 5th of Septemher 1812, and
finished It ...

The Boy Officers Of 1812

Author: Everett Titsworth Tomlinson
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Harbor a great change had come. Many of the soldiers had not returned from
Toronto, but had gone directly to the other end of the lake, and consequently
there was less bustle and stir, and everything appeared much more quiet than
formerly. Commodore Chauncey came about the middle of May, but he did not
remain long, and took three hundred and fifty more of the soldiers away with him
when he went.

Scott Dramatized

Author: H. Philip Bolton
Publisher: Burns & Oates
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NEWCASTLE BL BILLS (VOL 260) "For the only Time this Season," insists the bill
, which also boasts of "all the original Scenery, Dresses, Decorations, and Music,"
and mentions that the story is "taken from Walter Scott's celebrated poem of The
Lady of the Lake." Highland Warrior by William Macready; Earl Douglas by
Gomersal; Norman by Russell; Red Murdoch by Fenton; Ellen by Miss Rivers;
Fitzjames by ...

A Signal Victory

Author: David Skaggs
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1612512267
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This book draws on British, Canadian, and American documents to offer a totally impartial analysis of all sides of the struggle to control the lake.

The Owl The Raven And The Dove

Author: G. Ronald Murphy
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198031123
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The stories are numbered independently in each volume, beginning with number
1 and then to 70 in the second (1815) volume, 1 to 85 in the first (1812). The
quotation from Walter Scott (1810) from "The Lady of the Lake" is cited in a short
addition to the introduction, p. xxiv, Zeugnisse fur Kindermärchen, but not the
excerpt from the newspaper. This earliest version of "Testimonials for Fairy Tales"
has only Strabo, Luther, Johannes Mueller, Sir Walter Scott, and Eloi Johanneau.