Lincoln Highway Across Illinois The

Author: David A. Belden with Christine R. O’Brien
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The story of the highway's role in shaping the contemporary American highway system is one that examines the interaction of technology and human spirit.

The Lincoln Highway Across Indiana

Author: Jan Shupert-Arick
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Through vintage photographs, postcards, advertisements, and other historical records, this armchair tour of the highway visits sites favored by early tourists, documents the people and places that made the highway a vital corridor, and ...

The Lincoln Highway

Author: Drake Hokanson
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The main route crossed the Sierra Nevada over Donner Pass and made a long
descent to Sacramento, then looped around to the south through Stockton to
enter San Francisco via Oakland and the bay ferries. The Lincoln Highway led to
the Panama-Pacific Exposition but officially ended in Lincoln Park, overlooking
the Pacific Ocean. It ran through or touched twelve states: New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada,
and ...

The Lincoln Highway

Author: Lincoln Highway Association
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Lincoln Highway completed in 1917, Illinois spent slightly less than $75,000.00
on 1917 Lincoln Highway work. The Seedling Mile in Cook County was
constructed with cement contributed by the Lehigh Portland Cement Company of
Chicago. Iowa Moves 'Toward An AllWeather Route The paving of the Lincoln
Highway across Illinois will undoubtedly have a vast efi'ect upon the
improvement of the Lincoln Highway in Iowa. Not for long will the people of Iowa
allow transcontinental ...

Achievement In The Lincoln Highway 1920

Author: Lincoln Highway Association
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The Department reports that the average cost of maintenance per mile per year
on all of the concrete highways in the state amounts to $149.86,'including the
upkeep of roadsides, the cleaning of ditches and such work. The distance across
Illinois on the Lincoln Highway is 166 miles, so that with the completion of the
trans-state road this year,Illinois' expenditures, from a million and a half to two
million and a half dollars a year for new construction, will drop to an approximate
average ...

Lincoln Highway

Author: David Lowell Nissley
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It's a bit of a stretch to connect the Lincoln Highway with Indian life 8000 years
ago. Nevertheless, under the hypnotic effect of driving the Lincoln Highway
across those rolling prairies of northern Illinois and the spell of golden waving
grain, it is somehow comforting knowing that it has been this way a long time and
we are treading where not a few have gone before. Franklin Grove Miriam and
the author stand in front of the Franklin Grove Lincoln Highway headquarters In
the lawn of the ...

A Picture Of Progress On The Lincoln Way

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The Lincoln Highway across Illinois has been for years largely dirt or, depending
upon the weather, mud, which made travel almost impossible at times. Now all
this is being changed and with a rapidity which reflects the greatest credit upon
the state and its highway department. With the best interest of the state and
nation in mind and not without considerable opposition, the State Highway
Department has adopted a far-sighted policy of concentrating available funds
upon the first ...

Journal Of The Senate

Author: Illinois. General Assembly. Senate
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Illinois. General Assembly. Senate. Route 38, and various other routes now
under local jurisdiction; and WHEREAS, This route is considered by many to be
historic in the fact that in 1912, there was a vision with an absolutely radical idea
that there should be a paved highway across this country from New York's Time
Square to Lincoln Park on the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco as noted by the
formal September 6, 1912 charter that read: "Resolved that the Lincoln Highway
now is, and ...

Greetings From The Lincoln Highway

Author: Brian Butko
Publisher: Stackpole Books
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Historian Brian Butko follows the highway across 14 states. Memoirs and historic landmarks come to life in full color.

Bonds And Mortgages

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sawanna There is more in the way of actual permanent improvement now being
completed upon the Lincoln Highway in Illinois than in any other state. The road
is practically closed to travel from Geneva west to the Mississippi River because
of construction under way. The illustration above gives some conception of the
extent of the work which is being done by the Illinois State Highway Department.
With this completed the Lincoln Highway across Illinois will be practically all of ...