The Reader S Adviser English Literature

Author: Winifred F. Courtney
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New Directions 1947 $2.00 Will a Cather: A Critical Introduction. 1951 Collier pap
. $.95 Critical Approaches to Literature. Prentice-Hall 1956 $8.95; Norton 1965
pap. fc-95 The Present Ace in British Literature. Indiana Univ. Press 1958 $6.75 A
Critical History of English Literature. Ronald i960 2 vols. $12.50 English
Literature. Prentice-Hall 1965 $5.95 The Paradox of Scottish Culture: The
Eighteenth-Century Experience. Oxford 1964 $2.00 A Study of Literature for
Readers and Critics.

The Young Adult Reader S Adviser The Best In Literature And Language Arts Mathematics And Computer Science

Author: Myra Immell
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LITERATURE. *.<. BRITISH. LITERATURE. The section that encompasses British
literature is organized both chronologically and alphabetically. There are six
major categories that are arranged chronologically — The Early Years, The ...
Therefore, if readers are seeking out particular genres, or types of literature, they
will readily find them. ... Further, the profile may refer the reader to related writers
and their works, which also can be found in The Young Adult Reader s Adviser.

The Reader S Adviser

Author: Bessie Graham
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Poetry can, therefore, speak with particular force to readers who know something
of the special circumstances in which the poems were written. In the following
pages the reader will find an abundance of titles of enduring value. As Dryden
said of the characters in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, "Here is God's plenty."
SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Old English Poetry Greenfield, Stanley B. A Critical
History of Old English Literature. New York Univ. Pr. 1965 $25.00 pap. $12.50
Matthews ...

Natural Law In English Renaissance Literature

Author: R. S. White
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521032896
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5 More's Utopia' The inscrutable economy of Thomas More's Utopia is capable of
telling us more about its readers' views than its author's. For a book written with
such clarity, it is remarkable ... It has been read as a purely 'literary' work, playing
wittily with ideas, a youthful jeu d 'esprit written by More for his fellow-humanist
Erasmus in a period of enforced idleness. Connected with this reading is the ...
see More as a political theorist, an adviser to kings.' Utopia then becomes a
powerful ...


Author: Hans Edward Bynagle
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(The Reader's Adviser: A Layman's Guide to Literature, 14thed.,vol.4). This
volume is one of six under the common title The Reader s Adviser, which bills
itself as a comprehensive guide to literature that "booksellers, reference and
acquisitions librarians, lay readers, teachers, academics, and students alike can
readily use to identify the best of nearly everything available in English in the
United States today" (series preface). It lists books only. The proportion of the
volume devoted to ...

Wisconsin Library Bulletin

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ment in the quality and quantity of reading. The value of our group service lies not
only in the assistance we are able to give the group but also in the opportunity it
affords for contact with persons desiring individual attention, either through the
index of courses or through the readers' advisory service. A large number of
persons, as will be indicated later, now taking reading courses were first
approached in the group. Index of Agencies and Courses At the beginning of
each semester the ...

Reader S Guide To Literature In English

Author: Mark Hawkins-Dady
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135314179
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Editorial assistant, Asian America: Journal of Culture and the Arts. Essays: Asian-
American Literature; Hurston. Christie, Christine. Lecturer, Department of English
and Drama, Loughborough University, Leicestershire. Contributor to Gendering
the Reader edited by Sara Mills (1994). Essays: Irony; Richards. Claridge, Henry.
(Adviser). Lecturer, English and American Studies, University of Kent, Canterbury
. Editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald: Critical Assessments (4 vols., 1991). Contributor to ...

Writers Readers And Reputations

Author: Philip Waller
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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The evaluation of their strictures and of how readers fared has much occupied
the erudite in recent years.19 Yet less consideration has been given to how far
such advice was, at the time, judged so much huff and puff, the flapping and
flatulence of so many busybodies, bores, and humbugs. Walter Raleigh,
Professor of English Literature at Oxford and, therefore, ostensibly in the
intellectual counselling business himself, in 1905 conceived of founding a Shock
Society 'to give a ...

The Oxford Guide To Literature In English Translation

Author: Peter France
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780198183594
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The New English Bible (NEB: NT 1961; whole Bible 1970) was the pioneer. The
committee which produced it was set up jointly by many of the Protestant
Churches in Britain, and included many of the most respected Biblical scholars of
the day. They were 'free to employ a contemporary idiom rather than reproduce
the traditional “biblical” English', and were assisted by a panel of 'trusted literary
advisers'. The resultant style is certainly 'new', though many ordinary readers
have found it ...

The Reader S Adviser

Author: Marion Sader
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English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, 281 English Blake, 278 English Books and
Readers, 36 English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790 to 1860, 30 The English
Comic Characters, 537 The English Common Reader, 265 English Court Hand,
... 101 The English Language, 96 The English Language in Medieval Literature,
141 English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century, 384 English Literature,
1789-1815, 266 English Literature, 1815-1832, 265 English Literature and Ideas
in ...