Author: Amy Spencer
Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers
ISBN: 9780714531618
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The book focuses on the lo-fi movements of the UK and US, and across the globe, introducing the various communities who adopted the DIY ethic, the 1950s beat movement, Riot Grrrl, Queercore and Social Activism.

The Rise Of Lo

Author: Wesley Chu
Publisher: HarperCollins Audio
ISBN: 9780857665812
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Ella Patel - thief, con-artist and smuggler - is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Latin American Writers And The Rise Of Hollywood Cinema

Author: Jason Borge
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135891672
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El Judge, de Los Angeles, le dio como cuna el claro de un bosque. Su padre, a
juicio del Moon, de Filadelfia, no la había engendrado: la había adoptado.] 41.
See in particular The Dehumanization of Art [La deshumanización del arte] (1925
) and The Revolt of the Masses [La rebelión de las masas] (1930). 42. Duffey
systematically analyzes the use of such cinematic effects as montage, flashback,
crosscut and jumpcut in pieces like Novo's El joven (1928), Villaurrutia's Dama
de ...

The Rise Of The Memoir

Author: Alex Zwerdling
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191073768
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The longest such expansive interruption is “The Adventures of Lo Bun Son” (224
–33), the mother's talk-story version of Robinson Crusoe. Like Defoe's
shipwrecked sailor, the solitary Lo Bun Son tries to assure his long-term survival
through a prudent, energetic, and far-sighted scheme of hard work. It is twenty-
five years before another person appears, the “savage” he names Sing Kay Ng.
Only after a decades-long exile can Lo Bun Son return to his country, marry, and
have children.

The Rise Of The Brics In The Global Political Economy

Author: Vai Io Lo
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1782545476
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This book would not have come into existence without the collaborative efforts of
the contributors. Hence we would like to express our sincere appreciation to
everyone in this professional team. Last, but not least, we would like to thank our
publisher, Edward Elgar, for turning the manuscript into this book. It is hoped that
the book will generate further research interest into the implications of the rise of
the BRICS on the global political economy. Vai Io Lo and Mary Hiscock Gold
Coast, ...

The Rise Of G Npo Namgyel In Kham

Author: Yudru Tsomu
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739177931
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In Bod kyi rig gnas lo rgyus rgyu cha bdams bsgrigs [Selected Cultural and
Historical Materials of Tibet]. Vol. 3. Ziling mtsho sngon mi rigs par debs khang,
1984. Jamyang Gyeltsen. Rgyal ba Kah thog pa'i lo rgyus mdor bsdus [A Brief
History of Katokpa]. Khreng tu'u: Sikhron mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1996. Jedrung
Jampel Gyeltsen. "Kham ribo che dgon dang Rje drung sprul sku gong ma Mgar
ra bla ma bcas kyi lo rgyus rags bsdus" [A Brief History of Riwoché Monastery,
the Previous ...

Red Star Over China The Rise Of The Red Army

Author: Edgar Snow,
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1447497341
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... 195–196 Liu Ti-tsao, 175–6 Liu Ting Chiao (Bridge Fixed by Liu), 197–200 Liu
Tzu-tan, Commander, career, 211–15, 301 leader of Peasant Uprising, 1929, 211
head of min—t 'uan at Pao An, 212 outlawed, 212 occupation of Shensi, 1932,
213 with 15th Red Army Corps, 214 dismissal, reinstatement, death, 214–15 Liu
Wen-hui, General, 195-6 Lo An, storming of 178 Lo Chang-lung, 155 Lo Chia-
lung, 148 Lo Cho-ying, General, 376 Lo Fu, 89, 114, 372, 374,392, 397 Lo Man,

The Rise Of The Norwegian Parliament

Author: Hilmar Rommetvedt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135774927
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In 1956 approximately 45 per cent of the employed labour force were members of
the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). Ten per cent were members
of independent trade unions. Two new confederations of unions were
established in the 1970s, the Confederation of Academic and Professional
Unions (AF) and the Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS). In 1994 only 30
per cent of the employees were members of LO. Twenty per cent (ten per cent
each) were members ...

The Rise Of Confucian Ritualism In Late Imperial China Ethics Classics And Lineage Discourse

Author: Kai-wing Chow
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804765787
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... yen-t'ao hui lun-wen chi jSltt't'SiEtirSiS Wft#!iiitlf§ (Proceedings of the
Conference on the Theory of Statecraft of Modern China). Taipei: Academia
Sinica, Insitute of Modern History, 1984. Liu Tsung-chou &^m. Liu Chi-shan chi
I0RU4* (Collected writings of Liu Tsung-chou). SKCS, vol. 1294. . Liu-tzu ch'uan-
shu Sfl^Pitii (Complete works of Liu Tsung-chou). Chung-hua wen-shih ts'ung-
shu 't'^XJstlM, ser. 7. Taipei: Hua-wen shu-chii, 1976. Lo Lun Hfift. I-feng wen-chi
— m.M (Collected ...

The Rise Of Fiscal States

Author: Bartolomé Yun-Casalilla
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107013518
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35.00 - 30.00 - 25.00 - g 20.00 - £6 E (D E g 15.00 - 10.00 - 5.00 - 0.00 II IIIIIII IIII I
IIII III N LO (X) '— <I' f\ O 0') (O O) N LO (X7 '— <1' I\ O 0') LO 0) (\| LG w '— <1' I\ 00
(17 (X) 0) ED 0) O O O O '— v— '- (\| N N l") l") 0') 0') <1' <1' <1' LO LO L!) f\ |\ I\ f\ l\ f
\ ('O (X) ('0 ('0 00 (X7 (X7 ('0 00 (X) 00 00 (I) ('0 (X7 (X7 00 ('0 (X7 ('0 |El
percentage gross revenues tribute, subsidies from native states| Figure 17.3 East
India Company percentage gross revenues tribute, subsidies from native states ...