The Russian Orthodox Church 1917 1948

Author: Daniela Kalkandjieva
Publisher: Routledge
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This book tells the remarkable story of the decline and revival of the Russian Orthodox Church in the first half of the twentieth century and the astonishing U-turn in the attitude of the Soviet Union’s leaders towards the church.

Encyclopedia Of Monasticism

Author: William M. Johnston
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113678716X
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Coptic Encyclopedia (1991); James Billington, The Icon and the Axe: An
Interpretive History of Russian Culture (1970); James Cunningham, A
Vanquished Hope: The Movement for Church Renewal in Russia, 1905-1906 (
1981); Mircea Eliade, ... of Christian Russia (1982); Dimitry Pospielovsky, The
Orthodox Church in the History of Russia (1998), The Russian Church Under the
Soviet Regime 1917-1982 (2 vols., 1984), Soviet Studies on the Church and the
Believer's Response to ...

Communist Russia And The Russian Orthodox Church 1943 1962

Author: William B. Stroyen
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The Russian Orthodox Church in the Fight for Peace: Decisions, Epistles,
Appeals and Articles 1948—1950. Moscow: ... tzerkvei v sviazi s prazdnovaniem
500 letiia avtokefalii russkoi pravoslavnoi tzerkvi 8-18 iuliia 1948 goda [The Acts
and Conferences of Heads and Representatives of the Autocephalous Orthodox
Churches in Conjunction with the 500th Anniversary of the Autocephaly of the
Russian Orthodox Church 8-18 July 1948]. ... New York: The Mac- millan
Company, 1917.

The Moscow Patriarchate 1917 1977

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Hierarchs, clergymen, and laymen of the Russian Orthodox Church and Soviet
citizens fully share the peacemaking initiatives and peaceful domestic and
international policies of the Soviet Government. ... Local Orthodox Churches. This
was begun, as mentioned above, in January-February 1945 at the Local Council
of the Russian Church. This initiative was further developed in 1948 when the
heads and representatives of many Local Orthodox Churches and the Armenian
Apostolic ...

Stalin S Holy War

Author: Steven Merritt Miner
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807862126
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The Russian Orthodox Church: A Contemporary History. Bloomington, 1986.
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The Soviet Union Since 1917

Author: Martin McCauley
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780582489806
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RELIGION The favourable treatment accorded the Russian Orthodox Church, in
return for its co-operation in the war effort, continued after 1945. By 1948 the
number of parishes had risen to 22,000 and there were eighty-nine monastic
institutions.33 Metropolitan Nikolai informed a delegation of British women that
the Church had over 20,000 churches, about ninety monasteries and nunneries,
two academies and eight seminaries.34 The Church's standing was enhanced by
visits ...

Anglicans Orthodox Between The Wars

Author: Bryn Geffert
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A History of the Ecumenical Movement, 1517-1948. Philadelphia: Westminster,
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Century, edited by Pedro Ramet, 208-31. Durham: Duke, 1988. Shepherd, Naomi
. Ploughing Sand: British Rule in Palestine, 1917-1948. New Brunswick: Rutgers

Soviet Union Political Reports 1917 1970 1946 1948

Author: Robert L. Jarman
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The. last quarter of 1946 saw a number . of .important developments in Soviet
education First, the length of the course in universities has been increased from
four to five years. .This marks ... important success in its campaign to win the
submission of Russian Orthodox Churches abroad in a resolution of the Seventh
General Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Churoh of America breaking with the
Karlovac synod, and acknowledging the spiritual authority of Patriarch Alexei of

The Russian Church Under The Soviet Regime 1917 1982

Author: Dimitry Pospielovsky
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There is conclusive evidence that the Uniate Church has not been fully destroyed
to the present day in the western Ukraine. She survives in the underground under
various guises, and because her official liquidation was carried out in such a
politically compromising manner she has gained for herself the aura of being the
national Church in the eyes of Ukrainian nationalists, even those of Orthodox
background." But this was to become evident only much later. In 1945-1948 the ...

The Christian Communities In Jerusalem 1948 To 1967

Author: Great Britain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Research Dept
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AND STATISTICAL NOTES •"• , Eastern Of-thodo x The Patriarch of Jerusalem
has jurisdiction over all members of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Jerusalem,
Israel and Jordan** His Patriarchate is one of the four .autocephalous
patriarchates constituting the ... The Russian Orthodox property in the Russian
Compound, on the Mount of Olives and elsewhere was owned, before 1917, by
the Imperial Government, the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission and the Russian
Palestine Society.