The Short Drop

Author: Matthew Fitzsimmons
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 9781503950252
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A decade ago Suzanne Lombard, the daughter of Benjamin Lombard-- then a senator, now a powerful vice president-- disappeared.

The Short Drop

Author: Abookaday
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ISBN: 9781535285025
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Newton S London Journal Of Arts And Sciences

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Thus it will be seen, that the impulse is imparted to the balance only during its
motion in one direction, and that such impulse is communicated during a long
drop or movement, nearly the distance of one tooth of the escape-wheel to
another, while the drop or movement of the escape-wheel, during the reverse
motion of the balance, is very short, and imparts no impulse to the balance. By
this means, great regularity of action is ensured, while the escapement is more
detached, and more ...


Author: Andreas Kollender
ISBN: 9783865324894
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Seit Kriegsbeginn 1939 ist Fritz Kolbe als Beamter im Auswärtigen Amt unter Reichsaussenminister von Ribbentrop tätig.

Operation Red Sparrow

Author: Jason Matthews
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641143675
Size: 45.92 MB
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Die Thrillersensation aus den USA, verfasst von einem CIA-Insider.

Prison Escapes

Author: Jack Chatham
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496980441
Size: 22.12 MB
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By the late nineteenth century British executioners such as William Marwood and
William Calcraft had perfected the long drop technique of hanging condemned
prisoners. The long drop relies on a calculated fall based on the prisoner's weight
being sufficient to fracture their neck and spinal cord at the second cervical
vertebrae. Death is believed to be quick and painless and the technique was
therefore considered significantly more humane than the short drop technique
which relies ...