The Traveler And The Innkeeper

Author: Fāḍil ʻAzzāwī
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9774164628
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AND THE INNKEEPER Fadhil al-Azzawi - A MoD E E R A R A B | c. Now E L.
Translated by William M. Hutchins the traveler and the innkeeper the traveler and
the innkeeper. Front Cover.

The Innkeeper And Traveller

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Under such circumstances, if a horse or chaise be stolen, it would deserve
consideration how far the innkeeper would be liable, as the traveller might be
presumed to consent to the ordinary custom. " A delivery of the goods into the
custody of the innkeeper is not necessary to charge him with them ; for although
the guest doth not deliver them, or acquaint the innkeeper with them, still the
latter is bound to pay for them, if they are stolen or carried away, even although
the persons who ...

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John E. H. Sherry
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801425080
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5 Relationship of Innkeeper and Guest: Creation and Termination 5:1 Notice to
Innkeeper of Traveler's Intention to Become Guest To become the guest of an inn,
the traveler must first give the innkeeper an opportunity to receive or to reject him.
No person can make himself a guest without the innkeeper's assent. The
required assent may be and is usually given by an employee entrusted with the
duty of receiving or rejecting travelers, such as the desk clerk or assistant
manager if the ...

The Whole Law Relating To Innkeepers

Author: Charles Henry Marriott Wharton
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So where a traveller directed his trunk to be tne tan- carried into the room where
he was to sleep, and it was broken open in the night, and money stolen, it was
held that as the traveller had conformed to the general custom the innkeeper was
liable. (c) In the case of Candy and another v. Spencer,(d) the plaintiff's traveller
went to defendant's inn, and the boots took his luggage as usual, placing the
package which was lost, in the lobby or hall. The traveller stated that this was the
place ...

The Innkeeper

Author: Wil Mara
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
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Meanwhile, the innkeeper and the workers would do the last of the cleaning up,
put out any remaining fires, and turn down the oil lamps. In some towns, it was
required that all lights be put out before the innkeeper went to sleep— a light
burning in the middle of the night was often considered a sign of trouble.
Sometimes a new guest would arrive late from a long journey, in which case the
innkeeper was obligated to give the traveler a room regardless of the hour.
THREE A Colonial Inn ...

The Innkeeper S Wife

Author: Harriet Faust
Publisher: CSS Publishing
ISBN: 1556732554
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But, most of all, I loved the stories The travelers told to all who would listen. And 1
listened. Listened as they pictured for me The Holy City of Jerusalem, Where
some day I would go with my parents To keep the Passover Feast. How I longed
to see the Temple With its beautiful furnishings. The Temple built to honor
Jehovah, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And our God, too. For we were
devout Hebrews Who carefully And joyfully Celebrated all the Holy Days as they

The Special Law Governing Public Service Corporations

Author: Bruce Wyman
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 1587980916
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363 Innkeepers' duty owed only to travelers. The inn is established for travelers,
and it is such persons only who are the necessary objects of the public solicitude.
One who is not a traveler does not need the inn to protect him, for he can provide
a home for that purpose. The public duty of the innkeeper is therefore owed to
travelers only, and no one who is not a traveler can demand to be received at an
inn.1 Thus in the leading case on the law of innkeepers 2 the court said: "
Common ...

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John Harold Sherry
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CHAPTER 5 Innkeeper's Public Duty to Receive Guests 5:1 Duly to Admit the
Public The fundamental duty of the innkeeper to the public, as a person engaged
in a public employment, is to receive for entertainment in his inn all travelers, that
is, transients, who properly apply to be admitted as guests. This duty is
symbolized by the traditional ceremony on the occasion of dedicating a new hotel
or motel to the public of throwing away the key to the inn, thus to proclaim to the
world that the ...

Cases And Materials On The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John Harold Sherry
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public The fundamental duty of the innkeeper to the public, as a person engaged
in a public employment, is to receive for entertainment in his inn all travelers who
properly apply to be admitted as guests. This duty is not absolute; but subject to
lawful excuses, it binds every keeper of a common inn from the time he opens his
doors to the public. The public duty of the innkeeper is owed to travellers only,
and no ...

Stories And Remarks

Author: Raymond Queneau
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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And secundimo, it's not ordinary." At this moment one of the doors which gave
onto the cafe opened silently and Gubernatis saw the dog appear. He wandered
about in a circle for several seconds, then, with a supple and determined leap,
climbed up onto a chair between the innkeeper and the traveler, and sat down. "
He's yours, the dog?" asked Amedee. The innkeeper looked sideways, in the
direction of the animal, as if to make sure. "Yes. His name's Dino." "He must have
a story, ...