The Traveler And The Innkeeper

Author: Fāḍil ʻAzzāwī
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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The plot of this novel, which was written in Iraq in 1976 and published in Arabic in Germany in 1989, is further complicated by street protests in Baghdad following the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War of June 1967.

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John E. H. Sherry
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801425080
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guest is established. If the innkeeper sends a conveyance to an airport, railroad
station, or steamship to bring guests to his inn and a traveler gives his baggage
to the porter or other person authorized by the innkeeper to take it, the innkeeper
becomes liable for it all at once, provided the traveler later becomes a guest. In
all these cases, though, the responsibility of the innkeeper is predicated on the
owner of the goods becoming a guest within a reasonable time. If he changes his
mind ...

The Innkeeper

Author: Wil Mara
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 9780761447962
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Meanwhile, the innkeeper and the workers would do the last of the cleaning up,
put out any remaining fires, and turn down the oil lamps. In some towns, it was
required that all lights be put out before the innkeeper went to sleep— a light
burning in the middle of the night was often considered a sign of trouble.
Sometimes a new guest would arrive late from a long journey, in which case the
innkeeper was obligated to give the traveler a room regardless of the hour.
THREE A Colonial Inn ...

The Innkeeper S Wife

Author: Harriet Faust
Publisher: CSS Publishing
ISBN: 1556732554
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But, most of all, I loved the stories The travelers told to all who would listen. And 1
listened. Listened as they pictured for me The Holy City of Jerusalem, Where
some day I would go with my parents To keep the Passover Feast. How I longed
to see the Temple With its beautiful furnishings. The Temple built to honor
Jehovah, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And our God, too. For we were
devout Hebrews Who carefully And joyfully Celebrated all the Holy Days as they

Stories And Remarks

Author: Raymond Queneau
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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And secundimo, it's not ordinary." At this moment one of the doors which gave
onto the cafe opened silently and Gubernatis saw the dog appear. He wandered
about in a circle for several seconds, then, with a supple and determined leap,
climbed up onto a chair between the innkeeper and the traveler, and sat down. "
He's yours, the dog?" asked Amedee. The innkeeper looked sideways, in the
direction of the animal, as if to make sure. "Yes. His name's Dino." "He must have
a story, ...

The History And Theory Of English Contract Law

Author: Thomas Atkins Street
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 1893122247
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In other words, he is held virtually as an insurer of the safekeeping of the goods.2
It has been said that the law makes innkeepers thus liable in view of the reward
paid and by reason of the fact that the inn is a place appointed and allowed by
law for the accommodation and security of travelers.3 But clearly we are here
confronted with a rule grounded upon considerations of public policy.4 Danger of
collusion between the innkeeper and thieves, and the difficulty that would have
been ...

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John Harold Sherry
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11:5 Reception of Traveler Establishes Relation of Host and Guest When a
traveler comes to an inn and is received by the innkeeper for the purpose of
entertaining him during his journey, the relation of host and guest is thereby
established.7 No lapse of time is required for the establishment of this relation; if
the guest presents himself for entertainment and is accepted, the relation "is
instantly established between them." 8 11:6 Notice to Innkeeper of Traveler's
Intention to Become ...

The Special Law Governing Public Service Corporations

Author: Bruce Wyman
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 1587980916
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363 Innkeepers' duty owed only to travelers. The inn is established for travelers,
and it is such persons only who are the necessary objects of the public solicitude.
One who is not a traveler does not need the inn to protect him, for he can provide
a home for that purpose. The public duty of the innkeeper is therefore owed to
travelers only, and no one who is not a traveler can demand to be received at an
inn.1 Thus in the leading case on the law of innkeepers 2 the court said: "
Common ...

Reports Of Cases Argued And Determined In The Supreme Court Of The State Of Vermont

Author: Vermont. Supreme Court
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Where an innkeeper his been duly approbated and licensed, and paid his
assessment, and is engaged in his proper business, it equally interferes with that
busi“will another person either keeps a house of public entertain"mfll 0r sells
liquor in small quantities. And furthermore, without such approbation and license,
improper persons might keep a muse of public entertainment, which would be
highly injurious to lhebrder and peace of a village or town 3 and travelers would
also be ...

Lawyers Reports Annotated

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7; Bacon, Abr. title, Inns and Innkeepers, 3; Story, Bailm. § 475. So it has been
held that common inns are instituted for passengers and wayfaring men;
therefore, if a neighbor, who is no traveler, lodges there, and his goods be stolen,
he shall not have an action. Carter v. Hobbs, 12 Mich. 52, 83 Am. Dec. 762. The
prominent idea of the term “guest” is that he must be a traveler, wayfarer, or
transient comer to an inn for lodging or entertainment. 11 Am. & Eng. Enc. Law, p.
13. “Everyone ...