The Whole Law Relative To The Duty And Office Of A Justice Of The Peace

Author: Thomas Walter Williams
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... and justices of Phe peace in s.sions, may hear and determine all offences
agains; this aft. s. 4. The above statute extends as well to subsequent penal
statutes, as to those which were in being when it was made, Hutton, 35. - - Also it
extends to the compounding of suits commenced in courts which have no
jurisdiction, as much as if they had a jurisdiction. 2 Hawk. c. 26. s. 79. Ingrossing.
See forcsailing. Joins and Innkeepers. See gilębdustg. Inquisition. See Cutoiler-3

The Monthly Review New And Improved Ser

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The Laws respecting Highways and Turnpihi Roads, c om- prising the Common
Law relating to Highways, &c. the Statute Law relative to Highways and Turnpike
Roads, &c. Th« Office and Duty of the ... The Laws respecting Commons and
Commoners, in which the whole Law relative to the Rights and Privileges of both
Lords and Commoners is laid dewn, &c ... And also the Law relating to
Innkeepers, as far as respects the relation, Subsisting between them and their
Gutsts, &e. &c. &c.

A Treatise On The Breeding Training And Management Of Horses With Practical Remarks On Farriery To Which Is Prefixed The Natural History Of Horses In General And The Antiquity Of Horse Racing In England Together With An Appendix Containing The Whole Law Relating To Horses By W F I E W Flint

Author: William Flint
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But a Horse committed to an innkeeper, can only be detained for his own meat,
and not for that of the guest, or any other Horse, for the chattels in such case, , are
only in the custody of the law for the debt, which arises from the thing itself, and
not from any other debt due from the same party. 2 Roll. Abr. 85.—1 ' Bulst. 207.
But an innkeeper, who detains a Horse for his meat, cannot use him,because he
detains him as in the custody of the law, and consequently the detention must be
in ...

A New Law Dictionary And Institute Of The Whole Law

Author: Archibald Brown
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
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Upon the keeper of an inn the law throws a peculiar responsibility in guarding the
goods of his guests ; and if the goods are lost, unless it be through the gross
negligence of the owner, the innkeeper shall be liable ; but his liability is limited
to goods in the house (infra hospitium) and to the goods of regular guests, a
resident boarder or lodger not being such a guest (1 Smith, L. C. 50 ; Calye's
Case, 8 Coke, 32 ; 2 Stephen's Bl. 133; Cro. Jac. 224). However by stat. 20 & 27
Vict. c.

The Laws Relating To Licensed Victuallers With An Appendix Containing The Trial Of The King Against Ivens

Author: Sidney Calder HORRY
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An innkeeper may detain a horse for its own food, but not for the meal and
expences of the guest, (a) and this whether the horse has been kept for one day
or more. But if he allows the guest to take it away without payment, and he returns
with the horse, and a new debt is contracted, he can then only detain on account
of this latter debt, and not on account of the former; for it should be borne in mind,
that by suffering the horse to be so taken away, he has waived his privilege, and
given ...

The Laws Of Innkeepers

Author: John E. H. Sherry
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801425080
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The law must make injustice to the individual traveler impossible; the caprice of
the host could not be permitted to leave a subject of the king hungry and
shelterless. In a matter of such importance the public had an interest, and must
see that, so far as was consistent with justice to the innkeeper, his inn was carried
on for the benefit of the whole public, and so it became in an exact sense a public
house. 2:2 Innkeeper Professes a Public Business It follows from the nature of the
inn that ...

Ford On Oaths

Author: Charles Henri Ford
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[1882-83. Wharton's Law of Innkeepers, &c. HE WHOLE LAW RELATING to
being a Complete Practical Treatise on the Liability of Innkeepers as Bailees, as
well under the Licensing Acts; with an Appendix containing all the important
Statutes in Force Relating to Innkeepers, a Complete Set of Forms, and a
Copious Index. By CHARLES H. M. WHARTON, Esq., Barristerat-Law. Post 8vo.,
price 10s. 6d. [1876.

The Monthly Law Reporter

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In the arguments of counsel, the whole law relating to the medical jurisprudence
of insanity was carefully discussed, and we recollect of no trial where the true
doctrines on this subject have been more clearly stated, or more eloquently
urged than they were on this occasion by the counsel for the defendant. The
argument of Mr. Parker, ... Whether the prisoner is charged with selling liquor
without a license, with stealing from a shop, or with murLIABILITY of
INNKEEPERs. – The question ...