The Year Of The Locust

Author: Terry Hayes
Publisher: Random House
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Year Of The Locust

Author: Salim Tamari
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Year of the Locust captures in page-turning detail the end of the Ottoman world and a pivotal moment in Palestinian history.

Indigenous Diasporas And Dislocations

Author: Charles D. Thompson Jr.
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351928007
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Lines extending to the East and West acknowledge that the Confederacy will
include other people in the future, as it did with the Tuscarora. Year of the Locust
The year 2001 was the year of the locust on the Onondaga Territory. Every 17
years, between strawberry and blackberry seasons, millions of locust emerge
from the ground. They live only for a brief two- to threeweek period, all the while
aggressively eating tree leaves, singing, mating, laying eggs and dying. Elders
say that their ...

Annual Report Of The United States Entomological Commission For The Year

Author: United States Entomological Commission
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Kearney, a swarm of locusts like clouds of smoke, which were mistaken for a
prairie fire. They were passing to the southeast. He also, May 29, saw the young
about one-half grown on Sage Creek, thirteen miles north of Fort Fetterman. 1877
. — Mr. E P. Snow told us that May 20 he saw a large number of young locusts
which had hatched out in Pleasant Valley, nine miles south of Custer. None were
observed breeding at Cheyenne this year. Mr Davis tells us that locusts were
seen in ...

Myth In History

Author: Peter Metevelis
Publisher: iUniverse
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... the individuals are small and swallowed up by powerful skylight above eye-
level (DeBlieu 1998: 83). People usually fail to notice a swarm unless the
individual insects are really large, for instance like locusts, so that, in sufficient
numbers, they might begin to darken the sky. Yet we cannot interpret this
passage from the Nihon Sho-ki to mean that 627 was a year of the locust.
Especially in view of the insects' sudden dispersal, any theory of locust infestation
seems strained. Moreover ...

Daily With The King

Author: W. Glyn Evans
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575676281
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I remember the devastating plague of locusts devoured Israel's crops in Joel's
day. Yet, Lord, You called that multiplied swarm “My great army which I sent
among you” (Joel 2:25, italics added). Lord, teach me the lesson of the locusts.
Let me learn that You are the Lord of devastation, too. Life is full of irreversibles.
The crop that the locusts devoured was a lost crop. The year that the locusts had
eaten was a lost year. The months that the prodigal spent in the far country were
lost months ...

The Inter Ocean Curiosity Shop For The Year

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The insect known as the seventeenyear locust is not a member of the locust but
of the cicada family, and its correct name is the harvest fly. This insect is
remarkable chiefly for the length of time necessary for it to pass from the larva to
the pupa state—seventeen years in one species, thirteen in another The
periodical cicada appears in some parts of the country nearly every year, and
perhaps a few of the insects may appear anywheg, during any summer, but the
lineal descendants of ...

Report Of The Commissioner Of Agriculture For The Year

Author: United States. Department of Agriculture
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... than in researches having for their object the prevention of a portion of these
immense losses. The valuable results already obtained in the work of the
EntomologicalDivision under its present efiicient management are a sufficient
promise of good work yet to be done. The work of this division has greatly
increased during the year, several newlines of investigation which promise
valuable results having been entered upon. The appearance of the so-called “
seventeen-year locust” or ...

Always A Fan

Author: Mike Resnick
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434448142
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Around the house, Gully was a little on the dull side . All of his personality was
channeled into his stomach (not necessarily a bad thing in a show dog, since
they are “baited” with liver in the ring to make them look alert .) The best example
came 1973, during the final days of the 17-year locust infestation . We had heard
stories that 1973 was to be the “year of the locust”, but laughed it off as merely
leftover dialogue from an old Charlton Heston film—until the spring day the sky
became ...

Methods Of Distinguishing Between The Shipmast And Common Forms Of Black Locust On Long Island N Y

Author: Henry Hopp
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Variation in the shape of stipular spines at four intervals along the length of the
year's growth: A, Tip of shoot; B, 18 inches high on shoot; C, 9 inches high on
shoot; D, base of shoot. The shoot on the left is from a shipmast locust tree, that
on the right from a common locust tree. Approximately 0.5 natural size. shoot.
Figure 11 shows the spines on 1 -year-old shoots of a shipmast locust and a
common locust sprout, at the following four positions on the year's growth: The tip
of the shoot, ...