With Togo The Story Of Seven Months Active Service Under His Command

Author: H C Seppings Wright
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Over this sofa was an oil painting of the training squadron in a typhoon on its
voyage to Australia, when Admiral Togo was in command. A few photographs
adorned the walls and yellow curtains shaded the scuttles. On the right-hand sofa
there was a blue pillow and a rug ; this was evidently the couch on which Togo
took his afternoon nap. A small knee table, above which was a rack stuffed with
charts, a table and two or three chairs completed the furniture. There were in the
cabin ...


Author: Allan Carpenter
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Introduces the geography, history, government, economy, culture, and people of this small country in western Africa.

Land Tenure And Land Use In Southern Togo

Author: Joshua T. Bishop
Publisher: IIED
ISBN: 1843692309
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The study area itself enjoys direct access to the international coast highway,
linking Togo with countries to the east and west, as well as the deepwater port
and international airport at the capital, Lomé. Proximity to the capital (about 60
km by paved road) implies relatively good access to off-farm employment
opportunities. Public services are also close at hand (e.g. education, health,
financial, legal) although the quality is rudimentary and supply is strictly limited.
Perhaps because of its ...


Author: International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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Exogenous shocks could stymie the nascent economic recovery, including: (i)
further appreciation of the euro against the U.S. dollar; (ii) deterioration in the
terms of trade, especially a further rise in world oil prices; (iii) a worsening energy
crisis spilling over to the budget and disrupting economic growth; and (iv) bad
weather affecting agriculture. To mitigate these risks, it will be important for Togo
to improve its competitiveness by restoring infrastructure and to strengthen


Author: International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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Togo has been in economic decline and cut off from donor support for much of
the past decade. Real per capita GDP declined by almost 1 percent a year on
average between 1990 and 2005. Togo's last program with the Fund ended in
1998. Performance under a six-month SMP in 2001 was too weak to move to a
Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement. The EU suspended
its aid to Togo in 1998 because of concerns over its political process and human
rights ...


Author: International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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2.5.2 Challenges to achieving the MDG in Togo Because of the crisis, Togo has
not been in a position to entering toward programs with its development partners
for moving toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). According to the
current outlook, while considerable efforts have been made in such fields as
education, maternal health and HIV/AIDS, it will be 2008 before decisive actions
can be taken in this direction, with the gradual return of donors. Togo has thus
lagged ...

Togo Business Intelligence Report

Author: USA International Business Publications
Publisher: Int'l Business Publications
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Mobil has 29 service stations in Togo, representing about a 30 percent market
share. Total estimated investment is CFA 1.6 billion, with a working capital of CFA
376 million. Texaco: Petroleum products distribution. Texaco has 30 service
stations in Togo and has about 11 percent market share. Total estimated
investment is CFA 2.24 billion, working capital CFA 173 million. There are a very
few individual U.S. citizens operating small businesses in sectors such as import-
export and ...

Togo 2007 Article Iv Consultation And First Staff Review Of The Staff Monitored Program Staff Report Public Information Notice On The Executive Board Discussion And Statement By The Executive Director For Togo

Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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Cross-country studies point to deeper reasons for Togo's poor growth record,
including weak institutions.2 This suggests the need for broader reforms to foster
private sector growth across all sectors, including agriculture and the service
sector, which could benefit from Togo's role as a regional trade hub. 24. The
mission stressed the need to improve external competitiveness, which has been
eroded by structural bottlenecks and changes in relative prices. Competitiveness
has been ...

Togo Borderline Slavery

Author: Jonathan Cohen
Publisher: Human Rights Watch
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In Togo, annual school fees range from 4,000 to 13,000 CFA (between U.S.$6
and $20) despite a statutory guarantee of free primary education. 38 “Parents
always say they can't afford school fees,” a judge in Bafilo familiar with numerous
cases of child trafficking told Human Rights Watch. “They prefer that the child be
with an uncle in Abidjan. The complicity of parents in these cases is a shame.”39
In its 2001 global overview of child trafficking, ILO-IPEC remarked that “[c]hildren
with ...