The Black Sea

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Chernoe More, 1700-1860 Diderot's Encyclope'die, the Enlightenment's great
compendium of human knowledge, contains a brief entry on the Black Sea. The “
Pont-Euxin” is described as lying “between Little Tartary and Circassia to the
north, Georgia to the east, Anatolia to the south, and European Turkey to the west
.” The author of the entry adds helpfully that it is not a pont in the sense that an
empty-headed French courtier might understand it—that is, not a “bridge”—but
rather “an ...

The Circassian Genocide

Author: Walter Richmond
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Circassian Encounters: The Self as Other and the Production of the Homeland in
the North Caucasus.” Development and Change 29 (1998): 617–646. Sherry,
Dana. “Social Alchemy on the Black Sea Coast, 1860–65.” Kritika: Explorations in
Russian and Eurasian History 10, no. 1 (Winter 2009): 7–30. Spencer, Edmund.
Travels in Circassia, Krim Tartary, Etc. 2 vols. London: Henry Col- burn, 1836. —
——. Turkey, Russia, and the Black Sea, and Circassia. London: Routledge,

Literature Of Travel And Exploration A To F

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Slade, Adolphus, Travels in Germany and Russia: Including a Steam Voyage by
the Danube and the Euxine from Vienna to Constantinople, in 1838-1839. 1840.
Spencer. Edmund, Travels in Circassia, Krim-Tartary, dec., Including a Steam
Voyage down the Danube from Vienna to Constantinople, and round the Black
Sea in 1836. 2 vols., 1837; as Turkey, Russia, the Black Sea, and Circassia, 1854
. Steinbuechel von Rheinwall, Anton, Neueste Dampfschiffahrt von Wien nach ...

Circassian History

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The squadron of Pustoshkin remained on the Anapa raid during the whole week,
loading the ships with the spoils of war and repulsing the daily Circassian attacks
. Having finally finished its mission, the squadron raised its masts and left. Taking
advantage of this, and of the return of Gangebelov's unit, the Turkish Pasha
returned to Anapa, and the Circassians resumed attacking the Black Sea Cordon
Line. In 1809, Russia resumed her war against Turkey. Again, the commander in

Travels In Norway Sweden Finland Russia And Turkey

Author: George Matthew Jones
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Also on the Coasts of the Sea of Azof and of the Black Sea; with a Review of the
Trade in Those Seas, and of the Systems Adopted to Man the Fleets of the
Different Powers of Europe, Compared with that of England George Matthew
Jones ... Attacks of the Circassians—Retaliation by the Russians and Cossacks—
lnterview with three Circassian Chiefs—Horrible Condition of the Circassian
Captives—Features of the Circassians— Female Beauty —Sale of the Circassian
Girls—Motives ...


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Britannica Encyclopedia affirms, “The treaty allowed Russia to annex the islands
controlling the mouth of the Danube River and the Caucasus coastal strip of the
Black Sea, including the fortresses of Anapa and Poti. ... belief that Turkey, being
a Muslim country, will not abandon the Circassians or Circassia, especially that
the said agreement will harm Circassia and its people, which made them send a
delegation composed of Circassian leaders to Istanbul to meet the Ottoman
sultan, ...

Encyclopedia Of The Peoples Of Africa And The Middle East

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By agreement between Russia and the neighboring Ottoman Empire, the
Circassians were to be resettled in Ottoman territory. Many drowned during the
passage across the Black Sea and many others starved. Of those who survived,
most were re- settled in areas that are today parts of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and
Israel. Estimates of those ex- pelled vary widely, from conservative figures of
600,000 up to 1.5-2 million. At least half a million or so were resettled in Turkey,
70,000 in Syria, ...

Dictionary Of Languages

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Literary Adyge in Russia is based on the Temirgoi dialect. Literary Kabardian is
based on the Baksan dialect. Ubykh was once a quite separate language of this
family, spoken on the east coast of the Black Sea by as many as 50,000 people.
Practically all of them fled in 1864, the language is now extinct in the Caucasus.
In former Ubykh-speaking districts a distinct dialect of Circassian is now to be
heard. In Turkey, Ubykh speakers turned to Turkish and circassian (in the latter
they ...