War And Religion An Encyclopedia Of Faith And Conflict 3 Volumes

Author: Jeffrey M. Shaw Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610695178
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This three-volume reference provides a complete guide for readers investigating the crucial interplay between war and religion from ancient times until today, enabling a deeper understanding of the role of religious wars across cultures. ...

Revolts Protests Demonstrations And Rebellions In American History An Encyclopedia 3 Volumes

Author: Steven L. Danver
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1598842226
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An Encyclopedia Steven L. Danver ... It was during the War of Jenkins' Ear, which
had broken out in 1739, but Pennsylvania was to be largely unaffected by the war
, which was mainly fought in the Americas at sea, although in Europe it became
subsumed by the War of Austrian Succession. ... Penn had the aims of
establishing a region that would allow religious freedom for Quakers who were,
at that stage, often persecuted and discriminated against elsewhere, especially in

Merriam Webster S Encyclopedia Of World Religions

Author: Wendy Doniger
Publisher: Merriam-Webster
ISBN: 9780877790440
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We enter the new millennium in the middle of a conversation that has been
building to a crisis throughout the 20th century, between people who live religion
and people who study it, sometimes to justify it but more often to challenge it.
Religious faith is an explicitly contested issue in politics — locally (prayers in
school), nationally (the influence of Christian values upon legislative and judicial
policy), and internationally (the Serbian-Kosovar conflict being one among many)
— but many ...

Bulletin Of The Royal Institute For Inter Faith Studies

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2 The role of religion in specific conflicts and wars (such as the American
Revolutionary War and the Crusades). 3 Religious wars in Europe (1559-1715).
... In alphabetical order, the religious traditions covered by the volume include
African religion, Baha'ism, Buddhism (Zen has its own entry), Christianity (Roman
Catholicism, too, is listed separately), Confucianism, Daoism, Hellenistic religions
, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. Essays
on these ...

Gods In The Global Village

Author: Lester R. Kurtz
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483386465
Size: 76.83 MB
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This text is an engaging, thought-provoking examination of the relationships among the major faith traditions that inform the thinking and ethical standards of most people in the emerging global social order.

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of The Reformation

Author: Hans J. Hillerbrand
Size: 42.73 MB
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the edict was published, "however, without approbation of the new religion, all
only provisionally and until the king has ordained otherwise." From then on the
parlements became the main lay defenders of the traditional faith and often came
into conflict with the sometimes tolerant, sometimes rigorous attitude of Charles
IX. This conflict between the King's Council and the parlements during the Wars
of Religion appeared especially in the legislative activity, which speaks volumes
as to ...

Book Review Digest

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Choice v38 m>3 p510 N 2000. ... Vietnam War, 1961-1975— Dictionaries ISBN 0
-19-513524-5 LC 99-36873 SUMMARY: "Some 135 contributors with a variety of
backgrounds provide more than 900 alphabetically arranged entries covering US
and Vietnamese perspectives on the [Vietnam] war's military ... Anthony Edmonds
(50-500w) "Tucker has condensed his highly praised three volume encyclopedia