We The People

Author: Benjamin Ginsberg
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Content instructors trust and features that show students that politics is relevant—in a low-priced, brief text.

Essentials Of Social Research

Author: Linda Kalof
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If we had a list of 1000 employees of a firm and wanted a sample of 100 we could
choose every tenth name from the list until we had 100 people in the sample.
With this approach, the starting point for selecting the sample is picked at random
. It is important to realize that lists can be ordered in ways that may bias a
systematic sample. Even an alphabetical list can have biases since some ethnic
groups are clustered at different parts of the alphabet, and the systematic
procedure may ...

American Government Institutions And Policies Essentials Edition

Author: James Q. Wilson
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28, Alexander Hamilton explained how he thought the system would work: The
people could shift their support between state and federal levels of government
as needed to ... Few delegates then used the word federalism in the sense in
which we now employ it (it was originally used as a synonym for confederation
and only later came to stand for something different).2 The Constitution does not
spell out the powers that the states are to have, and until the Tenth Amendment
was added ...

American Government Essentials Edition

Author: James Q. Wilson
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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Example: United States under the Articles of Confederation. prohibited by it to the
states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” The Founders
assumed from the outset that the federal government would have only those
powers ... did not find that running such a transportation system was one of the
powers “reserved to the states.”4 But, as we explain later in this chapter, the
Court has begun to give new life to the Tenth Amendment and the doctrine of
state sovereignty.

Childhood Essentials Library Carolyn Wells Edition 29 Novels 150 Poems Stories Fables Charades For Children Illustrated

Author: Carolyn Wells
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There was quite a discussion as to when they would take possession, for
everything was in readiness by Dolly's birthday, which was on the tenth. "I'll tell
you!" cried Dotty, with a sudden inspiration; "let's average up! Dolly's birthday is
the tenth and mine the twentieth. Let's celebrate both on the fifteenth, that's half
way between, and as we're fifteen anyway, it makes it just right! ... But let me
make the party, Mrs. Fayre, and you and Dolly invite the guests as we know so
few people as yet.

Discipleship Essentials

Author: Greg Ogden
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830878093
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On the surface people may not evidence much spiritual hunger, but I believe that
hunger lurks just below the surface. In our secular age we don't usually pepper
polite conversation ... But if we listen to people's selfdoubts—about their jobs, the
challenges of raising kids—we will get below the surface to spiritual matters. Our
message of hope will be pertinent to the needs people are ... It was about the
tenth hour” (John 1:38-39). The disciples didn't want a casual and brief
conversation ...

American Government

Author: Scott F. Abernathy
Publisher: CQ Press
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For the new Brief Edition, Abernathy has carefully condensed and updated the content from the Full version, giving you the information you need--and the stories you can relate to--in a more concise, value-oriented package.