Lady Windermere S Fan

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198121679
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LoRD Illingworth I don't wish to seem to interfere for a moment, Mrs Arbuthnot, but
as far as your last objection is concerned, I surely am the best judge. And I can
only tell you that your son has all the qualifications I had hoped for. He has more,
in fact, than I had even thought of. Far more. (Mrs Arbuthnot remains silent) Have
you any other reason, Mrs Arbuthnot, why you don't wish your son to accept this
post? GERALD Have you, mother? Do answer. LoRD ILLINGworth If you have,
Mrs ...

Lady Windermere S Fan A Play About A Good Woman

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1473349222
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LORD WINDERMERE. Where is she? MRS. ERLYNNE. She is very tired. She
has gone to bed. She said she had a headache. LORD WINDERMERE. I must go
to her. You'll excuse me? MRS. ERLYNNE. [Rising hurriedly.] Oh, no! It's nothing
serious. She's only very tired, that is all. Besides, there are people still in the
supper-room. She wants you to make her apologies to them. She said she didn't
wish to be disturbed. [Drops letter.] She asked me to tell you! LORD

Lady Windermere S Fan

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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A Play about a Good Woman Oscar Wilde. Margaret, you 'll ruin us ! LADY
WINDERMERE Us ! From this moment my life is separate from yours. But if you
wish to avoid a public scandal, write at once to this woman, and tell her that I
forbid her to come here ! LORD WINDERMERE I will not — I cannot — she must
come ! LADY WINDERMERE Then I shall do exactly as I have said. [Goes R.]
You leave me no choice. [Exit R. LORD WINDERMERE [Calling after her.]
Margaret ! Margaret !

The Functional Perspective On Language And Discourse

Author: María de los Ángeles Gómez González
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027270201
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Consider the following passage from Lady Windermere's Fan, where Lord
Windermere has expressed a wish to go to his wife. Mrs. Erlynne wishes to
prevent this by stating she has gone to bed with a headache. Lord Windermere
insists and then Mrs. Erlynne replies, “rising hurriedly”: (34) Oh, no! It's nothing
serious. She's only very tired, that is all. Besides, there are people still in the
supper-room. She wants you to make her apologies to them. She said she didn't
wish to be disturbed.

The Maze At Windermere

Author: Gregory Blake Smith
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735221944
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Ah, I said, then she does not wish to marry. He look'd at me then as if he marvel'd
at what I could mean. It was not that she did not wish to marry, he explain'd, but
that she did not wish the State of Servitude on him. He had been a Slave once
and having had those Fetters once untied, she would not have him resume them.
And then as I was silent, he said he believ'd it was a Testament to her Love
toward him that she would not have him back in Bondage. I continued with
questions: oh, ...

A Preface To Oscar Wilde

Author: Anne Varty
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317892313
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The older woman is more than a delinquent mother, she is a delinquent
grandmother too. This occasion also coincides with Lady Windermere's twenty-
first birthday, so that the birth of Gerard rhymes precisely with Mrs Erlynne's age
at the time of giving birth to Margaret. Lord Windermere's susceptibility to
blackmail by Mrs Erlynne is motivated not just by the wish to preserve the
innocence of his wife, but by the desire to maintain the respectability of his family
line. Mrs Erlynne is, as Lord ...

The Windermere Witness

Author: Rebecca Tope
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0749012641
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'We have to walk round it three times and make a wish,' said Lucy. 'That's what
they do in Mongolia, and it always works.' 'So what are we going to wish?' 'I'm
going to wish for Bridget, not me,' said the child, suddenly serious. 'Bridget's
going to need all the luck she can get.' Once again, it was obvious that she was
quoting from an adult, even before she added, 'That's what Daddy says,' in
confirmation. Trying not to think about probable watchers from the Victorian villas
on either side ...

A Guide To The Scenery On Windermere Etc

Author: James GIBSON (of Ambleside.)
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It has been for some time the wish of the Author of this small work, to furnish the
Tourist with a companion through the District of the, Lakes of Westmorland, of
which Windermere is the principal. Many guides to the Lakes have already been
written, by men fully qualified for the work, and which have had a very wide
circulation; but they all give an account of the whole Lake District, generally
commencing at Lancaster, and many taking in a great part of Yorkshire and
Cumberland: those ...

Wilde Complete Plays

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408149168
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Why do I remember now the one moment of my life I most wish to forget? Does
life repeat its tragedies? (Tears letter open and reads it, then sinks down into a
chair with a gesture of anguish.) Oh, how terrible! The same words that twenty
years ago I wrote to her father! and how bitterly I have been punished for it! No;
my punishment, my real punishment is to-night, is now! (Still seated R.) Enter
LORD WINDERMERE L.U.E. LORD meERMERE. Have you said good-night to
my wife?

Literary Garland

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The contents were as follow :— “My dear Child,—Do not fear to give yourself up
to the guidance of Lord Windermere; he is a noble being and a true Christian,--
one in every way worthy to become your protector. I beg you will not hinder his
departure from England, but consent at once to his wishes. It is essential to his
health that he should proceed to a warm climate immediately. May Almighty God
bless the means used for his recovery, and long spare him to you. And may His
Holy ...