The event will be under the supervision of the cRc of Chicago.

How do we maintain Kashrut (Kosher) Standards?
We control Kashrut by controlling what comes into the competition. All food items are provided for the teams. Teams order their meats, condiments, spices, and sauces through the BBQ Competition. The competition then purchases Glatt Kosher Meat and ensures that all other ingredients are properly certified. If there is a specific ingredient not on the pick list that a team would like to use it must be new and unopened and they must gain approval from the cRC before using.

Each team will receive two new kettle-style smokers that will only be used for this competition and then put away until next year. All utensils, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and so on, are provided to the teams and used only for this competition.

Teams can bring in their own Charcoal and wood.

Even if you cook with kosher ingredients, if you use your favorite skewer or fork from home, your meat will not be kosher. This applies even if your home is kosher. Only utensils that are certified as kosher and are used exclusively at the competition are considered to be kosher. As such, you can only use the utensils provided by the Chicago Kosher BBQ Competition to prepare and cook your meat.

Once prepared, the food is sealed, labeled, and returned to the refrigerator until the teams are ready to begin cooking. Nothing is permitted to leave the premises.

Any ingredients not listed on the official form may be brought into the competition only if it has an approved symbol and is unopened. It must be shown to the Rabbi or Mashgiach for their approval before it is used.

Failure to maintain these standards will result in disqualification of the entire team.

The Mashgiach will be on the premises at all times.